3.0 Octave Padauk Practice Marimba - CM1

$750 (includes shipping)

These are intended for beginning percussion students to experience playing a full size instrument. They feature the same full size bars used on all of Capuchin's Marimbas. I have been developing this product in multiple variations since 2013. This 2017 Model is the culmination of years of testing by students, teachers, and engineers contributing their thoughts and concerns.



Range: 3 Octaves (Lowest note is Middle C)

Length: 60"

Width: Low end 32"        High end 14"

Depth: 5"




1 pair Sayler's Percussion E20 mallets

1 pair Sayler's Percussion E30 mallets

Mallet Bag

Height Adjustable Stand

Extra Cord and Springs




All bars are graduated and have the same size as a full sized instrument.



All frame material is made from Northern Red Oak. Every part of production is performed by myself by hand. Only the highest quality work leaves the shop, and all effforts are made to ensure parts that will last for years and will look well crafted.



All metal is steel. Some high production items are manufactured using a process called water jet through a local metal manufacturer.